Celebrating Chinese New Year -- the Water Tiger 2022

February 03, 2022

Celebrating Chinese New Year -- the Water Tiger 2022

Moving into 2022

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New Moon & Year of the Water Tiger, all beckoning us to pause, stand tall and rooted, and open from that place, take a deep breath while spiraling into transformational energies.  A time to nuture, to go within, and to connect with Spirit, balancing the emotions.

2022 is the Yang-Water Tiger year.

Yang-Water is connected to flowing water, river, or cloud.

Tiger is associated with the thunder or motion in Chinese I-Ching. Water Tiger is equivalent to the Water-Thunder Hexagram, which means something moving inside the Water. That's a sign of a baby growing inside the womb. Therefore, Water Tiger of 2022 implies caution, growth, development, challenge, creation, and planning. Tiger month is the first month of the spring. Seeds and plants start to germinate.

Water is spiritual and emotional energy. February is a time to strengthen Love - the all pervading power of Life with inner discipline, courage and focus.

With all the distractions around us... Focusing on our inner being will carry us through these powerful times.

A very powerful way, is to use the essential oils with you meditation.  Some very wonderful oils to use are Sandalwood, Frankincense, Copaiba, Cistus.   

 Sandalwood, grounds us and lifts us up to higher levels

 Frankincense takes us deep into our heart, and connects the mind

 Copaiba connects us to our breath -- the key connection to our higher self

  Cistus -- opens the crown chakra for connections to our light.

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