Aroma Course - BUNDLE Aromatherapy Course - Managing Pain, Anxiety and Restlessness + Free one hour basic overview - 2



Aromatherapy Course - Managing Pain, Anxiety and Restlessness with AromaCare

             - Saturdays , July 17th and 24th, 2021

                       9.00am - 12.30pm EDT (GMT-4)

This 2 Part Course is a Virtual Course This course is based on Complementary Care as taught by Madeleine Kerkoff - a specialist in complementary care and healthcare, with specialties in AromaCare incorporating essential oils and extracts.

 The first session will focus on restlessness, anxiety, and overall emotional wellbeing.

During this pleasant day in which theory is alternated with a lot of practice, you will get tips and tricks or fun and pleasant activities with fragrant oils that help to provide a feeling of being at home and security, along with a pleasant memory and thereby elicit a smile or help to relax and give a pick-me-up.

The second session will focus on pain.  

This course is an inspiration to many healthcare providers, as we explain how aromatic oils and extracts can influence all aspects of pain on various levels.  You will learn how to translate this knowledge into non-pharmacological options to also offer your client(s) more comfort and well-being.  Much attention will be paid to the possible limitations and contraindications so you will learn to work safely and effectively while still paying attention to the whole person.

In Addition:  

Free Review and Overview for the AromaCare Pain, Anxiety and Restlessness Course   

                                       Friday, July 9th, 2021

                                  4:30 PM - 5:30PM EDT (GMT-4)

 This free pre-refresher included in your purchase of this course will orientate you for the class to get the most out of her training... this will give you a good overview of the oils and extracts, and how they will relate to the use and training.

 7 CEU for FL LMT