Basic Aromatherapy Course

This Basic course in Aromatherapy gives you the opportunity to learn some of the insides of this amazing field.. and yes - there is much more than meets the eye.  The objective is to give you a solid platform that can be the basis for you to be able to blend and utilize the oils and their blends safely and effectively.

You will learn Plants and their Families, Where/How/What is the Resource, History of Ancient and Modern Aromatherapy, The Applications, A Deep look at Eight Essential Oils to get you started, The Beauty of Blending and The Safety.

We will work with the information through eight modules, where you will get hands-on instruction/recipes, methods of use, guidelines for safety/quality of essential oils, along with important resources.  You will also have access to 15% off the basic starter kit along with carrier oils that we will be using during the course.