Ion Care Harmony Chip with Shungite Pendant

The Ion Chip works powerfully on its own.  However, we are also offering the Shungite Pendant for the owner to wear easily.  The chip will attach nicely to this form of Shungite, and help to give added protection.

   The Shungite stone is known to carry healing properties, including inhibiting EMF’s. Other properties it is known for – detoxifying and purifying the body, balancing emotions and boosting energy and the immune system.

Effective protection from mobile phone radiation

The smartphone has developed from being a mere “telephone” into a lifestyle product and constant companion for many people:

  • always at hand
  • worn close to the body during the day
  • lying next to you in bed at night

The price paid for this lifestyle and constant communication is high: more and more often, studies come to the conclusion that mobile phone radiation changes to tissue leads to DNA breaks.

But if you don’t want to be limited in your lifestyle and usage of mobile phone, tablet, etc. but still take care of your (and your children’s) health, then you should put your trust in our IonCare technology.   This technology is the most effective in the industry based on 20 years of research, leading to mature and world-wide unique, bio-technological innovation.

What is mobile phone radiation?

It is a fact that mobiles phones emit high-frequency electromagnetic fields, i.e. the phones work in a frequency range between 900 and 1,800 megahertz (MHz = 1 million vibrations per second).

The insidious thing about this is that you do not see, smell or notice the radiation.

If you have ever heard a fax connection being established or one of the old 56k modems from the early days of the internet, you know how unpleasant this noise is.

High-frequency radiation is pure electrostress – for people and animals.

Introducing the one chip that will make all the difference in your world.

The Ion Care Harmony Chip  -- Electromagnetic technology

 This technology is a step forward in the development of solar technology.  the special laser procedure compresses the sun's energy photons in the atmosphere.  this cell enhancing energy is permanently inscribed onto the microcrystals.  A layer of enhanced microcrystals are inside the chip.

The bio-photon energy stored on the micro-silica crystals is much faster than the mobile radiation and activates positively the human cells before the negative (damaging) radiation can impact us.

The chip is highly effective in protecting you against harmful radiation and EMF emission of all electrical or wifi devices.

It is permanently active.  No charging. No expiration.