Men's Facial Care Collection

Men deserve to look and feel good, so we put together this collection of natural facial care for men.  Made with pure and natural ingredients this is great for sensitive skin, yet gets the job done!  Custom blended with woody, spicy and fresh green scents.  

Product Descriptions: 

Nourishing Herbal Shaving Lotion (4oz) – this mild soap is excellent for shaving setting up the hair follicles to provide a gentle glide and protect the skin from drying out. Keeps the skin soft and supple.  Includes an infusion of comfrey and marshmallow root, along with coconut and jojoba oils.

Nourishing aftershave (1 oz) – Made with calendula and aloe vera – very healing and nourishing to the skin.  I've also added witch hazel and glycerin to help offset any drying to the skin, and lavender hydrosol to keep the skin refreshed.  A really clean smelling aftershave with the fragrant smell of bay and fir silver.

Natural, Exotic Cologne (1 oz)  -- A combination of alcohol and hydrosols, along with exotic, woody scents that intrigue and excite.

Beard Oil (1oz) - Yes, men are growing beards these days! And this oil is perfect for keeping your man well-groomed.  Beard oil will moisturize the skin under your beard in addition to keeping your beard smooth, shiny and healthy.  It also helps to prevent those dandruff-like flakes.  It smells great, and soften and help keep it in control, helps it grow faster, and eliminates any itchiness.


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