Unique Holiday Blends

Custom Holiday blends create that special holiday feeling when used in a potpourri or diffuser. Sprinkle a little on your decorations to create that beautiful ambiance we love so much. These are all natural - no synthetic - essential oil blends that are just right for the nose. The nose knows and the eyes willl delight in the festive holiday gift box your fragrances arrive in.

  • Yuletide Spirit -- delicious flavors of the Yule log - fir, citrus, mint, spice -- bringing memories of family and friends 
  • Christmas Spirit -- the true Holiday scent from the northern realms of Balsam Fir, Sweet Cinnamon 
  • Frankincense and Myrrh -- the gifts of the magi -- deep, mysterious, touches deep in the soul for beautiful healing and a sense of comfort, safety and love. Tinged with a touch of orange to lift the soul. 
  • Vanilla Spice -- delicious fragrances reminding us of the delectable treats from the holidays, without the calories!!

Special Holiday Pricing !!