The Story Behind The Beauty

 Exquisite essential oils,  Hydrosols and Handcrafted blends.

We specialize not only in procuring excellent quality essential oils - we also make beautiful and effected blends that can be used in your health and well-being program.

Essential Starr Products have been handcrafted from natural and organic products for optimal health and to allow the beauty to shine from within, whilst nourishing a healthy body.


Patricia Starr, a two time breast cancer thriver – started working with plant medicine, and specifically essential oils as she went through her allopathic treatments.  It is through this experience, that she connected very deeply with nature and the beautiful gifts that are given to humankind. 

This connection with nature is vital for us to live a vital life.  When we are making these products they are infused with the energy of love and light, and prepared in the honoring energy of nature herself.

It is with great gratitude, that she continues this day in making and formulating products for her clients and the general public. 


The essential oils and hydrosols that are used in the Essential Starr line are sourced from boutique distillers from around the world – generally from smaller distillers who distill particularly for the aromatherapeutic uses.  This requires careful harvesting, and distillation on a low and slow level.  These products are also checked thru gas chromatography analysis and mass spectrometer measures for purity. 


In my 25 years of studying and  working with the essential oils — there is no doubt in my mind of the efficacy that these precious little oils add to a health program.  I’m pleased to offer such powerful, pure oils to the community, and look forward to serving your specific need.

If you need specific assistance, please do not hesitate to call me, and I can answer your questions.

Remember — your Health is your Wealth

The Aromatic Experience of Plant Medicine

We are dedicated to bringing true aromatherapy products and education to the general public, practitioners, and educators for personal and therapeutic purposes.

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