Rad Clear

Rad Clear is a formula of hyper-extreme oxygen-saturated and hydrogen charged True Scalar Energy enhanced spring water.

What does all that mean?....It means that with it's hyper-extreme content of oxygen, it can "zero out" radio contamination.  That means both kinds of radiation:  non-ionizing radiation or low-energy radiation, and ionizing radiation, or high-energy radiation.

Note:  low-energy radiation is from powerlines, radio waves, cell phones, microwaves, etc.
           high-energy radiation is from ultraviolet waves, nuclear medicine, power plants and 

It contains anecdotal frequencies for ionizing nuclear fallout (eg Chernobyl etc.) radiation smog, X-Rays and CAT Scans.

The truth is that are not "safe" levels of radiation.


This product is protected with aluminum foil -- do not remove the foil from the glass

Regular regimen:  12 drops /day under tongue thru 1 bottle.  Advanced regimen is for the elderly , the sick , and those having worked in a nuclear plant, or in nuclear medicine.  Call for a consultation.