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Rad Clear

Rad Clear

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Rad Clear is a formula of hyper-extreme oxygen-saturated and hydrogen charged True Scalar Energy enhanced spring water.

What does all that mean?....It means that with it's hyper-extreme content of oxygen, it can "zero out" radio contamination.  That means both kinds of radiation:  non-ionizing radiation or low-energy radiation, and ionizing radiation, or high-energy radiation.

Note:  low-energy radiation is from powerlines, radio waves, cell phones, microwaves, etc.
           high-energy radiation is from ultraviolet waves, nuclear medicine, power plants and 

It contains anecdotal frequencies for ionizing nuclear fallout (eg Chernobyl etc.) radiation smog, X-Rays and CAT Scans.

The truth is that are not "safe" levels of radiation.

 Note: The Age of Radioactivity is Here is Active and Must be Understood

In our world which is fast becoming awash with many approaches and infiltration with Radioactivity – and we must be aware of this and take action.

Nothing damages DNA MORE than radioactivity/radioisotopes/radionuclides (such as Cesium-137 that enters the body INTERNALLY)

We are impacted by two types of radiation:  ionizing and non-ionizing – both have free radicals and both damage DNA by destroying the covalent bonds

Post Fukushima, Rad Clear was shown to ZERO OUT radioactivity from inside the body (in vivo) and Cesium -137 was one of the biggest culprits in emissions, along with a couple hundred other radiation smog compounds.    

Studies have show that 5G does not work without radioactive Cesium-137.    


This product is protected with aluminum foil -- do not remove the foil from the glass

Regular regimen:  12 drops /day under tongue thru 1 bottle.  Advanced regimen is for the elderly , the sick , and those having worked in a nuclear plant, or in nuclear medicine.  Call for a consultation.

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