Mess Free Castor Oil Pack

This healing pack revives an ancient Egyptian custom for gently and topically cleansing the liver, gallbladder, blood, lymph and ileal-cecal valve, all notorious areas for harboring parasites.   This helps gently detoxify and strengthen the immune system, as well as improve digestion, assimilation, elimination and blood and lymph circulation. 

Utilizing Castor Oil as a compress pack over the abdomen area, gives a concentration of castor oil, the most penetrating of all oils able to penetrate deep into targeted areas well below the layers of the skin. 

Castor oil can be messy, so The "Mess Free" Castor Pack finally makes the extraordinary healing powers of castor oil easily accessible without a mess.  A perfect carrier oil, castor oil can help to carry scalar enhanced, singlet iodine atom tincture -- Magidine -- deep into targeted tissues.


The Mess Free Kit includes the following:

   * One 8 oz. glass bottle of BioScalar Energized Castor Oil, scalar charged, cold pressed, pesticide-and chemical-free castor oil

   * Unbleached, undyed natural 100% wool flannel with not harmful chemicals or detergents in it and placed in a  cut-away plastic bag, which is stored in a second plastic bag for storage.

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