Welcome to Essential Starr's Apothecary.

We specialize in selecting some of the World's Finest Ingredients trom boutique distillers around the world.  These specially handcraft products  are food for the skin and health for the body.

Today's topical products, generally contain synthetics and phthalates that wreck havoc on our bodies and immune system.  On the contrary, we can nurture and feed our system with carefully crafted pure ingredients, done in small batches and with love.

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Protection Collection

Protects from Colds/Flus/Virus

Prevention is the best protection...  Taking care of your health via personal hygiene is obviously  the first line of defense.  Using products that are designed specifically to naturally work with the body are relieable protection.   Our products are made with natural ingredients and pure essential oils that are strong anti-microbial, known to kill bacteria and viruses.

Immunity Builder Roll-On -  under nose and throat

Cleanse and Purify Spray - Hand Sanitizer and Air Purifyer

Nourishing Aromatic Foaming Hand Wash - with Essential Oils for best protection

Breathe Easy Inhaler - to clear and open nasal and lung passages

Seven Thieves Blend - to use in the diffuser to purify the air.

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