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Cinnamon Leaf 5 ml

Cinnamon Leaf 5 ml

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Cinnamomum verum also known as c. zeylancium

The cinnamon tree belongs to the Lauraceae family and provides commerce with two different oils; cinnamon leaf essential oil and cinnamon bark essential oil.

The former oil is the type used in aromatherapy, whereas oil from the bark contains a very high concentration of cinnamic aldehyde which is a powerful skin irritant, therefore this particular type of cinnamon oil is generally not used in therapeutic use. 

Cinnamon leaf essential oil is a powerful antiseptic and can be used effectively to stop infections such as coughs, colds and viral infections from spreading. Put a few drops in your vaporiser or burner to help kill airborne bacteria and also relieve the symptoms of a cold.  

Cinnamon leaf essential oil has a higher eugenol content than the bark oil, and combines well with cardamom, grapefruit, peru balsam, and peppermint essential oils

It has a warming and antispasmodic effect on the body, so in massage oils it is excellent for easing muscular aches and pains, arthritis and rheumatism.

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