Divinely Organic Coconut Oil

This true Scalar Energy charged coconut oil is totally raw, extra virgin, unrefined, unfermented, unheated, unbleached, non deodorized, grit-free coconut oil, made only from the freshest coconut in a plant with strict and certified quality control standards.
This particular coconut oil is unparalleled to any coconut oil on the market.  
It can be used for oil-pulling, energizing food, make-up remover, massage lotion, moisturizer, facial cleanser, sun tan lotion, deodorant and hair conditioner.
Uses:  Energizing food, stable cooking oil w/350 degrees smoke point, homade dressings, moisturizer, suntan lotion, toothpaste deodorant.
2 Tablespoons per day on empty stomach, first think in the am helps make healthier breakfast choices.  yum!