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Gyno Pro -- Women's Relief

Gyno Pro -- Women's Relief

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This has been developed specifically to support women with their "women parts". many symptoms such as itching, burning, irritation, painful intercourse and changes in odor discharge.

With the rise of Vaginitis worldwide, the standard medical application often misses the multiple expressions that can be expressed.  Utilizing the mixture of constituents found in essential oils, that is both antiviral and antimicrobial, there is a much higher likelihood to be able to hit the target.

Gyno Pro is formulated with specific infused and vegetable oils of Sunflower oil, Apricot Kernal oil, St. Johns Wort Infused Oil, Calendula Infused oil, Helio Carrot infused oil, and the pure essential oil of tea tree, palmarosa, ylang-ylang, helichrysum, patchouli, and geranium.

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