528 -- The Love Revolution - May 28th

528 -- The Love Revolution - May 28th

    Sound and Fragrance go together so beautifully.   when we play the crystal bowl of the heart chakra, and we add the incredible fragrance of the rose...oh my gosh -- what else is there to say!!   There is such a feeling of upliftment...it is not an intellectual thing... it is completely a feeling... a feeling that comes from the heart -- that literally lifts the heart.. and in doing so, the mind gently follows...   Scent is the most powerful sense of our five senses.. and it carries us to higher dimensions of our own being.   

In this day and age, when so many ideas, philosophies and judgments/fear fly around us... the scent of roses gently, beautifully, imperceptively lifts us over and out of our troubles.  For a moment we are relived, 

Rose is known as the Queen of flowers.. Her fragrance is intoxicating, She is the ultimate achievement of the plant world.  Her intense, yet refined nature exhausts creativity.  She captures the essence of growth and maturing of the human being.... starting out tightly drawn, bit by bit she opens, and bit by bit she shows her beauty.. and when she is fully open, and only then does her fragrance begin to grace the air.

It is only early in the morning when a bit of the dew is on her leaves can you find the highest and best oil in the center of her being... willing to be extracted.. willing to give herself to the world, for the world to be uplifted.

  To know her, the Queen of Flowers is ultimately to know yourself.   Take in her fragrance, reveal in her bliss.. and remember who you truly are.  Allow her to surround you in every way.

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