Building the Immune System and Support in Depression

Building the Immune System and Support in Depression

The Beautiful Citrus Family
The Sunny nature of essential oils, specifically of the Citrus oils group is one reason why people feel so attracted to aromatherapy. For this reason, citrus oils and specifically Bergamot oils are used in the perfumery and food industry (ie. Earl Grey Tea, Candies, cookies, etc.) These aromas has to do with the "happy" character of this special botanical group. They are found, to particularly be extremely helpful to alleviate stress, nervous exhaustion, depression and also physical ailments originating from these. (Note: we use caution with this group due to its photo sensitivity. )

: * Immune System Booster
  • anti-septic for wound healing
  • Adjuvant for digestive problems
  • helps with skin issues
  • helps with cystitis
  • Anti stress, and anti depressant
  • Sedates and Revitalizes
  • helps with burnout syndrome
The Science
Adriana Nunes Wolfenbüttel, chemist and PhD in Pharmaceutical Science presented in the Botanica Conference on the Physiological and psychological efficacy of Citrus essential oils during inhalation. with a six month extensive study of the Bitter Orange and Sweet Orange essential oils with human volunteers.
Pro inflammatory cytokines (IL-2, 6 and TNF alpha) increased in the test group by 64%, neurotransmitter markers (Dopamine) of well being increased by 58%, and the protein marker of food satiety sensation (Leptin) increased by 85%. In addition the hormone marker (cortisol) decreased by 92%. Anxiety and Stress levels decreased substantially in the test group, whereas the placebo and control group anxiety levels increased.

These oils are used widely in the cosmetic and perfume world -- however, they are usually the synthetic component, which was used in the study we have here as the placebo.... in all cases, performed poorly in the study compared to the natural essential oil.
  • use in diffuser - for sure 10 - 12 drops
  • 10 drops in a potpourri
  • topical use should always be used in dilution with creams, lotions and/or carrier oils.


Chemical constiuant note:   Limonene, one of the major compounds of the Citrus oil group, has given rise to a number of interesting research studies in the context of cancer therapy.

Note: these oils are best used in a synergy (combined with other essential oils to give maximum effect). Here is one of our specialty blends:
                        Calm and Tranquil Blend:   consist of:
Each one of these oils have a very special attribute that both uplifts and protects
Remember -- when our senses uplift us -- our immune system is naturally bolstered up.
For a Thanksgiving treat -- you can add clove oil and/or cinnamon leaf.
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