Detox at Home -- And Enjoy

Detox at Home -- And Enjoy

Taking care of oneself on a daily/ weekly basis is critical for a healthy lifestyle...  Don't you clean your home?  clean your car? clean your dog!?  I highly encourage my clients to take good care of themselves.. There is nothing better than a nice warm Detox and/or Relaxing Bath with dead sea salts and epsom salt.  And yes -- please, if you are going to buy epsom salts -- only buy the plain epsom salts at the store... NOT any with fragrance -- why?  Because usually they have synthetic fragrances, and they are more toxic than healing!

   We carry some beautiful Bath Salts -- that are a real treat -- you can combine them with your own epsom salts, and stretch your purchase -- we provide two fragrances:

                      Relaxing Bath - Angel Whispers - with French Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Neroli

                      Detoxing Bath - to Relieve sore muscles  with Lemon, Grapefruit, Cypress

   It is good to dry brush prior to getting in the tub, as your lymph system is then stimulated for better detoxing.  Follow the diagram for proper brushing.  If you are using essential oils -- ALWAYS put them with a carrier oil at 3% dilution, dry brush first, then put the oil all over in a thin layer, and brush again before sitting in the tub. 

Here are some of the attributes the essential oils bring to your routine:

Tongue scraping is best in the morning after the lungs have pushed out what is not wanted to the base of the tongue while you have been sleeping.   In addition, I'm sure you have heard of oil pulling... well that is fine... but I prefer using 3 -4 drops of my mouthwash in 1/4 cup pure water, and then swish a bit in your mouth quite vigorously, then spit it out.  Repeat, until the solution is used up.

Rebounding can be done on a small trampoline, or a large yoga ball, or a vibration plate.  it is up to you and your resources.

After your bath, refresh yourself with a nice spray of hydrosol,
followed a nice body lotion or massage lotion,
and our beautiful natural deodorant

Get plenty of rest and plenty of water.... Enjoy your water with a topping of Rose Hydrosol 


Now!  than is taking Care of Yourself!!!  Congradulations!!

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