IMPORTANT: Protect yourself from the viruses, colds and flu - Naturally

September 07, 2021

IMPORTANT: Protect yourself from the viruses, colds and flu - Naturally

Being Strong in the Face of Adversity -- 

    Using Personal Hygiene practices, being uplifted and positive (epigenetics)

Here are some ways to keep yourself protected!   You KNOW These!!

Personal Hygiene        Wash Your Hands        Sick?  - Stay home         Carry a hand sanitizer

There are TWO main avenues that flu/viruses spread

                       1. Airborne                   2. Touch

 Essential Oils are strong antimicrobial agents in prevention.   

They are:

       antiseptic        antibacterial       antiviral      antifungal        anti depressant

and they work!

Essential Oils have been scientifically proven and used effectively historically by medical doctors and nurses.

We supply these products that are a must to aid prevention:

Foaming Handwash -- filled with beautiful smelling, highly anti-bacterial essential oil

Cleanse and Purify Spray -- easy to carry with you if hand sanitizer

Diffusor Blend -- concentrated for diffusing in the air to safeguard your home, office or workplace (you can even carry it in your pocket with our convenient inhaler)
It is all about your immune system... Take the time to help to build it, do self nurturing and love your body.  Our Immune system is our gift for our health.. It has been honed for millions of years, and when properly supported, it will keep your healthy.    Give it your attention, bring in the natural substances and keep calm and at peace..   The mental balance and emotional balance are a part of your inner terrain that keep you healthy. 
The botanicals are here and do support us physically, mentally, and emotionally dramatically, when we use them. 
Stay home if you are sick
Take your Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Quercetin and Colloidal Silver

 This is not new, nor is it witchcraft.

This is basic, it is historical and it is ancient... (how do you think the thieves were able to loot those unfortunate homes where others were not to alert to the protection that plant kingdom offers!)

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