Jasmine - the Gift of Love

Jasmine - the Gift of Love

Jasmine softly embraces the spirit and heart, bringing greater understanding of the conscious mind and all its foibles. In its perfume, the wishes and desires of the heart are reflected and in gentleness we come to understand the subtle motives of the spirit.

It is said that the jasmine has the ability to call the angelic realms close, and to be able to transmit our soul's joy and love to the universe, if the intent and purpose is carried from a clear and pure heart.

Jasmine's purpose is to provide us with our personal haven, where we can find a greater conscious resonation with our higher self.

In India she is known as the "Queen of the Night" because its scent is stronger after sunset.  Due to it's exquisite, comforting sweetness and its effect on the mind and emotions, it is one of the most effective essential oils for nervous anxiety, restlessness, and depression.  A renowned aphrodisiac and sexual tonic.  For this reason, it is also known as the Fertility Herb.  

Whenever fear and vulnerability, or anxiety and depression, cut us off from our ability to share physical pleasure and affection,  jasmine oil can support, reassure, and delight.  Its voluptuously warm, joyous fragrance allows the heart to flow again through the river of the senses.

Note:  virtually all jasmine oil sold is not a true essential oil, but an "absolute" produced through a solvent extraction method rather than steam distillation.  Also, often you find very cheap representatives.  the pure oil is very rare and expensive.

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