The Alchemy of Spring with Essential Oils

The Alchemy of Spring with Essential Oils

 What do you think of when you think of Spring?   New Beginnings.  Fresh smells.  Flowers.   Fruit of Citrus.  All light and fresh. 

Our Citrus Family, consisting of Lemon, Lime, Orange, Bergamot, Neroli (orange flowers), tangerine.  Known as the botanical Rutaceae Family – is know for processes of subdued topical heat.  The general therapeutic activity of this family concerns the interaction of warmth and fluid in the body.  Their formatting forces are activated by air and warmth.  Their action is refreshing, vivifying and tonic.

The Citrus family – rutaceae grows in the tropical area, mostly small thorny trees with firm green leaves.   Their beautiful abundant flowers shaped like symmetrical stars exhale a delicious sweet and slightly exhilarating fragrance.  The trees develop juicy acid fruits or small hot spicy berries.  Most of this family can be cold pressed for its oils, with the exception of the neroli flower and the petitgrain leaves.

The floral aspect of this family expresses a soft, delicious, appeasing exhilaration, indicative of the remarkable sedative, antidepressant power of the blossoms.  The citruses perfectly control the interaction of the two powerful opposite flows of forces:  centrifugal forces that draw up the terrestrial forces, charging them with vitalized fluid elements of a tropical luxuriance, and cosmic forces of light and warmth.

These citrus oils can be quite toxic, causing skin rashes, when applied neat (direct) to the skin, so they must be used with caution.  It is quite interesting, taking orange oil as an example.. can be the best cleaning oil, taking graffiti off of walls, or delicately used in moisturizers at a very low level, to help maintain the moisture in our skin.   Yes, this is the intensity of this amazing family.

We have a beautiful Citrus Fresh Room Spray, that can lighten up and refresh any room.  Although not a citrus, lemongrass can often be used, and is very popular for that fresh uplifting feeling.

One thing that is lovely to do, is use the essential oils in the house for cleaning.  Here are some suggestions:

Dishes:  a drop or two in the dishwater to make dishes sparkle and the kitchen smell great

Laundry:  adding oils to the washing liquid can increase antibacterial benefits, and help the washer smell nice and clean.  Oregano with lemon, grapefruit, or orange is a fabulous smell

General Housecleaning:  Fir with Lemon, spruce, pine, mixed with a little apple cider vinegar is great when used as a couple of drops in a dust cloth, or 10 drops in water, and use as a spray mist.  Prevents growth of fungus and microorganisms.

Allow yourself to play with the oils.  Once you have a formula – experiment with others. It is a great way to keep the sense guessing, and a great way to just connect with nature.

Here is a brief look at our Citrus Family Collection (and a few more)

As we reflect on the natural cycles of life, we realize that we are para of Nature, even if sometimes we may be disconnected from it…Could if be that our allergies are here to help us remember this essential link?  Are we like a bee, do we also need to do some internal cleaning..

Utilizing the plant essences to open that energetic portal – Fortunately, essential oils, with their harmonizing effect, can assist us to find back the balance inherent in life.


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