The Blue Oils

The Blue Oils

What are the Blue Oils -- here are some examples:

German Chamomile - Matricaria chamomilla
- powerful essential oil with anti-inflammatory properties, promoting emotions of serenity and soothes areas of concern

Yarrow -- Achillea millefolium
- helps you feel less “blue.” Reach for Blue Yarrow in times of worry when you need help to bring in balance and stability back into your life.

Blue Cypress -- Callitris intratropica
- supports emotional and spiritual functions and helps to stabilize for more balance in life

Blue Tansy - Tanacetum annuum -
- Emotionally, Blue Tansy supports high self-esteem and boosts in confidence.

Blue Sage -- Aratemsia Douglasiana

Blue Artemis -- Greater Mugwort -- Artemisia arboreseens

How these oils are Blue:

Azulenes are a chemical constituent of these oils giving the very distinctive colours which are blue, blue/violet and red/violet. These are known to be highly anti-inflammatory.

These oils are very helpful in blends for bruising and oedema.. As we enter the fall season... consider using these beautiful oils for your emotional and spiritual health.

I love my blue oils -- they enrich my blends so beautifully.

You can see that the last two I neither have in stock or have the knowledge.

What I can say, is that the blue oils have special access to our imagination, our spiritual connection. From the standpoint of the Vedas, Blue represents consciousness.

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