The Gift of Love

The Gift of Love


As we allow ourselves to rest, to relax, and to go within our heart, with the intention to become steady in our wisdom, we can connect deeply with nature, and the collective feeling that there is so much more to discover.  The new scientists of today are the ones who work in the laboratory of their own body-mind to know themselves.

Our true nature is love. Our true energy is joy.  To create health inside and outside of ourselves, we rediscover the meaning of balance, self-care, responsibility and commitment to the higher goals of human evolution.  We use nature as a partner, not as an element to fight against and to subdue.  We invite the mind back to its essence – the effulgent nature of the Divine Self as we connect with the divine fragrances of the plants.  

This is what true medicine has always been:  The cumulative data of experience of mankind, advancing in togetherness as if one single collective being.  As Blaise Pascal, the famous mathematician and philosopher once put it: “as if all the sequences of generations through the centuries could be looked upon as ONE human being, who continues to live and always continues to learn.”

In Aromatherapy, purity and quality is paramount.  Pure and unadulterated essential oils are our allies on the path to optimal physical well-being and happiness.  Pure essential oils reflect the vitality and inspire enthusiasm and love for an energy medicine in a New era of deeper plant awareness and self-healing.  The senses are integral to our experience.  They are the instruments through which we perceive and engage with the world around us. 

As we experience the essential oils, we find they are the expression of the highest intelligence of Nature.  The aromatic plants will help us to rise in strength, to recover health if is lost and to make out lives more in tune with the heartbeat of the Universe.


Give your self the gift of love – utilize these divine blends for your bath, for your massage, for your aromatic pleasure!!

Gift of Love

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