With over 30 years of conventional, complementary and alternative healthcare and independent medical research experience,  we are at the forefront in the understanding of frequency, True Scalar Energy©, and its direct relationship to perfect, vibrant health and consciousness. Through the use of true scalar mechanics (far beyond quantum mechanics) combined with extreme purity of raw materials, a bioscalar field is developed. This resultant empowering field, part of our inherent energetic anatomy, is the most ectopic energy available to humanity at this time. True Scalar Energy© (not to be confused with adulterated scalar energy) creates reorganization of the DNA and harmonizes one's energy fields on all levels back to the True Divine Blueprint©, a prerequisite for both wellness and consciousness.

Integrated Healing Arts is offering these high quality products to use to self empower our clients so that they can return to a Whole, Healthy, Divine state of Being.   Each product can be used separately or together.   Consultation is available to help you educate yourself and learn the practical was to use these very simple products.