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Brandi Bowen

Colloidal Magnesium 4 oz.

Colloidal Magnesium 4 oz.

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Magnesium and nerve functioning

  • Magnesium promotes proper electrical and neurotransmitter function in the brain.
  • Necessary to dissipate the effects of traumatic stress.

How Colloidal Magnesium can help:

  • Relax muscles and ease athletic injury.
  • Boost energy production and reduce fatigue
  • Promote healthy, restful sleep
  • Increase calmness and lessen stress
  • Keep blood pressure within normal limits
  • Maintain healthy blood sugar levels within normal limits
  • Encourage regularity and healthy digestion
  • Dissolve calcium buildup in joints, muscles and arteries
  • Support healthy breathing and a healthy heart
  • Lessen or even eliminate headaches
  • Reduce symptoms of PMS
  • Build normal bone structure
  • Making NEW cells
  • Activates B vitamins
  • Healthy lungs

    Unlike other products on the market, our colloidal zinc is infused with custom healing frequencies. Imprinting healing frequencies into the memory of the water promotes movement in your blood. The movement within the blood assists the damaged dead cells and toxins to exit the body while repairing communication.

    Included healing frequencies are:

    • DNA Repair 528

    100% Bioavailable

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