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Hydrosol Collection

Hydrosol Collection

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Hydrosols are the natural products of specialized distillation.  They contain all the natural plant-based properties and nutrients as well as the small, therapeutic micro-drops of essential oil.  Can be used as facial sprays, in drinking water as a tonic, in any water-based product and compresses poultices.  They are gentle and safe enough for infants, elderly and those with sensitive skin. Also great for bath time.  Simply add 4 oz of hydrosol and soak for 20 minutes.  Anti-aging properties help keep your skin looking young and beautiful!

We've put together some of our most popular hydrosols for this collection.  Great gift idea for the health conscious person on your list.  Available in a full 2 oz and a travel size 1 oz. 

Product Descriptions:

Lavender Hydrosol  - This beautiful distillate from the steam distillation of true lavender and carries many of the qualities of the oil, but also the water-soluble qualities not available in the oil.  It is balancing, toning, anti-inflammatory, hydrating and cooling to the skin. It is very light, yet hydrating for all skin types. known as the "homeopathic" of essential oils.

Frankincense/Orange Hydrosol  - A divine Blend of the beautiful, orange flower of Neroli - for moisturizing, and the deep healing and anti-aging properties of Frankincense. Blended beautifully to moisturize the skin and eliminate the appearance of wrinkles. 

Rose Damascena Hydrosol  - Organic Pure Distilled Rose Damascena hydrosol from Bulgaria. Beautiful, light, and loving to the skin with a soft scent. Feeds the skin with over 250 constituents, it is a great toner - very nourishing. 

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