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Essential Starr

Men's Care Kit

Men's Care Kit

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Especially for Men

Most of our products can be used for both men and women – however, we have taken this opportunity to support men, in a way, that is not ordinarily thought of.  Since I find most men will simply use what’s on the market, or often just soap and water for their facial applications, it is important to know that these products often age the skin more quickly, when the skin can hold it’s youth far longer.  Our products offer excellent alternatives to synthetic chemicals that are found in commercial products – even soap.   Our products are not only more nourishing, but they are also gentler on the skin.  There are specific scents that have been studied and associate more for men:  woody, spicy and fresh green scents.  We have used these in our blends.  These are the products we are offering:

Natural Shaving Lotion – this mild soap is excellent for shaving setting up the hair follicles to provide a gentle glide and protect the skin from drying out. Keeps the skin soft and supple.  Includes an infusion of comfrey and marshmallow root, along with coconut and jojoba oils.

Refreshing Aftershave – Made with calendula and aloe vera – very healing and nourishing to the skin.  I've also added witch hazel and glycerin to help offset any drying to the skin, and lavender hydrosol to keep the skin refreshed.  A really clean smelling aftershave with the fragrant smell of bay and fir silver.

Natural Cologne  -- A combination of alcohol and hydrosols, along with exotic, woody scents that intrigue and excite.

Men's Body Powder --- body powders act as antiperspirants and deodorants.  They can also soothe minor skin irritations.  They are absorbent and deodorizing with an appealing woodsy aroma.  It can be used for feet as well as for irritations around the groin.

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