Organic Facial Trio

Get ready to look fabulous this holiday season. 

We are excited to present our newest product for skin care collection. custom created in collaboration with our onsite, facial specialist, just in time to have your skin glowing all season long. 

The collection includes an exfoliant/scrub, a facial mask and a refreshing hydrosol/toner of Rose Damascena.  Pick the scrub and mask suited to your skin type.

Facial Exfoliate/Scrubs - Two kinds 

For Mature/Aging skin - The use of seeds and roots, effective to both soften and gently clean.  Oats, Rosehip, Flax, Fenugreek seeds, and Comfrey root

For Oily/Acne skin - Astringent and Antibacterial to deeply clean.  Rosehip seeds, Rose powder, citrus peel, burdock root, sage, clove, and french clay.

Facial Clay Masks - Two kinds

The Chocolate Mask - for Mature/Dry skin.  Designed to nourish and moisturize the skin with the antioxidant power of chocolate,, the exquisite Rassoul clay from the Atlas mountains, plus delicious nourishing oils of Argan, Apricot Seed, andTamanu

The Charcoal Mask - for Oily/Acne skin. Designed to pull out oil and toxins and help with problematic skin.  A mixture of SeaClay,  Oats and Activated charcoal cleanses deeply, along with the French clay that "drinks" the toxins in.  Compiled with Witch Hazel, Glycerin, Honey and Wheatgerm.