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Protection Magic Kit

Protection Magic Kit

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A complete beautiful kit the combines the best of the best for the holidays for 
clear breathing, beautiful handwashing, immunity roll-on, and air cleaning diffusion blends.

This kit includes all of the basics you'll need to help fight off colds, viruses, and the flu naturally!

We created this package for you to conveniently order all of these products with ease and to help you save money!

This kit contains:

Breathe Easy: A simple sniffing tube you can carry in your pocket to help open sinus and breath pathways.

Cleanse and Purify Antiseptic Spray: (2oz.) This product is made from organic essential oils and natural ingredients that are safe to use on your skin and in the air.  It is a safe and natural alternative to hand sanitizers which contain harmful and toxic ingredients. This product is antibacterial, antimicrobial and can also be used to shift the energy of the room.

Immunity Builder Roll-on: (10ml) This product was inspired by a client who asked how they could protect themselves from others they come in contact with suffering from colds and flu. This is a common concern, so I made this blend in an easy roll-on that could be brought everywhere!

Nourishing Aromatic Foaming Hand Wash: (8 oz.) Made in a base of ultrapure water that's polarized, to enhance the body to heal itself.  

Seven Thieves Blend: (5ml) This protection blend is designed as an anti-bacterial and immune builder. Topical application to be used with a carrier oil, on the throat, armpits, chest, abdomen. Children under 7 – used diluted – 1 drop in one ounce of lotion...Adults: 5 – 6 drops in one ounce of lotion or oil... Also, this blend can be used in diffusion via fan diffusion or just through direct smell. As an air diffusion, it works very well in spaces where people are getting sick.

Caution:  if you are using a blood thinner prescription, Clove and Cinnamon are known to be contra-indictive. 

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