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Skinny Wraps and Hydrating Facial Wraps -- NEW Product

Skinny Wraps and Hydrating Facial Wraps -- NEW Product

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There is no feeling quite like confidence – and on the days you need reinforcement, Skinny Body Wraps can help!  This formula is dermatologically tested, featuring botanical and ingredients backed by science, and delivers progressive results with continual use.  It is simple to use in as little as 30 – 45 min from the comfort of your home.  Wrap to enjoy a smooth, soft, contoured appearance.

Contours, defines and refines your appearance

Provides a tightening and toning effect perfect for targeted problem area

Enhances skin texture to appear firmer, smoother, and softly contoured

    Key Ingredients:  Seaweed, Green Tea, Guarana.


Easy to use! Start with clean, dry skin before applying the cream side of the Skinny Wrap to your skin and smoothing it down.  To keep it secure, use plastic wrap, or formfitting clothing.  Leave the wrap in place for 30 – 45 minutes, then remover and rub any remaining cream into your skin.

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