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Essential Starr

Chakra Blends -- The Seven Chakras

Chakra Blends -- The Seven Chakras

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This packet of precious, hand designed chakra blends has been carefully selected to reflect the vibration and colour of each chakra.  

Chakra work is especially enhanced with the use of these oils, as the essential oil synergy carefully holds the vibration aligned with each chakra.   

The design is based on years of training in understanding and using our own bioenergetic system (our chakras -- or wheels of light, as each chakra is its own vortex that energetically plugs into the endocrine glands of the body).  

By working with and attuning to each chakra, the oils will enhance the balancing of these wheels of light.  This is used in conjunction with intention, breath, sound and color, and often crystals.

When focus and meditation are used with the above, powerful results can often occur. 

Each packet holds 7 1 ml vials that can be used in small doses for powerful activation.  

Remember in Aromatherapy, less is more.  Each blend sits in a base of jojoba, so direct application to the skin can apply.  


For more training in the use of these oils for chakra rebalancing.. please make an appointment or check Chakra Blends for Healing and Well Being blog.

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